Cabin Fever Student Letters

Hi! I’m Issac. I try hard to learn new things but I’ve always been kind of a non-traditional student. I dropped out of high school and then dropped out of college.

Getting kicked out of school for two months and being told to learn by myself on the internet would have been a dream for me.

I know that schools are closing and that other in-person events like Black Girls Code are being canceled and delayed and I want to help out.

I also am dealing with my own cabin fever from a surprise work-from-home situation and my ...


Dear Jesse, Version Zero

To: My Website Visitors

Jesse and I are writing back and forth about a project he’s working on to build a screenless qwerty note-taking device.
Jesse is a very capable software hacker with some hardware tinkering behind him. If you’re following along, your mileage may vary, but feel free to write with your own questions and ideas.
You can find me below or at

To: Jesse Andrews

Dear Jesse,

You mentioned that you’re into an iterative approach. I am too! One of the things that I like to do early-on ...


Dear Jesse, What's up?

To: Jesse Andrews

You sent me a note some time time ago about wanting to build a hardware project and not quite knowing what the next steps were.

The project you listed was a note taking device with the following capabilities

  • You wanted to type with a qwerty keyboard
  • You wanted it to be able to sync to another device eventually
  • You don’t need a screen

There’s an important question from me to you: What’s your goal?

  • What do you want to learn?
    • Do you want to learn about batteries? processing logic signals?
    • Do ...


On Being Secret at your Startup : Stealth Space Ships and Secret Society Handshakes  

If we haven't met yet, I'm Issac.

I am an engineering manager at a company in San Francisco (though they're a worldwide company) called Stripe. I am inside a group called Treasury Engineering, where I work on helping manage Stripe's liquidity and foreign exchange products and services both internally and for Stripe's customers.

This is not about Stripe but I'll say: It's really quite nice to be able to say all of that.

From April 2017 until September 2019 I worked for "Astra". They are building a small disposable orbital launch vehicle, or ideally, dozens of ...


Issac Kelly