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Customer Service success story:

I'm running a startup with one other guy.

Currently I'm making most of the day-to-day decisions of how it's going to be run, Version Control, Bug Tracking, Documentation Styles, Accounting, Sales Directions, Contact Management, Etc.

Recently I've been working on bug tracking and project management, and I tried a number of different apps. Which I won't go into; This is about a great customer-service experience I had with Fog Creek Software.


Joel Spolsky to me
Mar 1 (3 days ago)

Hi! Thank you again for trying FogBugz On Demand. I just wanted to drop you a note to see if everything was OK and if you have any questions about how FogBugz works. Have you found the wiki yet? It is one of the many new features in FogBugz 6.0 -- you can use the wiki for any team documentation: specifications, requirements documents, knowledge base articles, status reports, internal technical documentation, or external end-user documentation! When you subscribe to FogBugz On Demand, you can continue bug tracking uninterrupted. You can subscribe by logging on to your account and clicking on the "Your Account" link: [edited] Best wishes,

Joel Spolsky, Founder


So, I got a canned e-mail from Joel. Yes _THE_ Joel. I was more suprised that it contained an e-mail address with his name in it, then the fact that it was his signature at the bottom. With this in mind, I eagerly clicked "Reply"



I love FogBugz and I'll most likely be purchasing a few licenses soon; but here is my issue:

I have a shared hosting acct with mosso that I run my operations on (Nearly every platform imaginable, php4-5, asp, IIS 6 and 7)
BUT they are pretty strict on what you can install, Do you know if FogBugz works with Mosso?

If not, I have a crappy little linux box in my basement that I use as a testing server (Apache2 php5 mysql 4) If I purchased two licenses for that, and I upgraded my testing server, would I be able to migrate w/o another fee?


I read your article on why you write FogBugz in your own language, and I was wondering if you've ever licensed that one out....long shot I know...but it may work for a project of mine if so.

Issac Kelly


So, I knew it was a long shot on everything that I was asking about (esp wasabi), but, eh, why not; Here comes the kicker:


Fog Creek Customer Service to me
2:13 PM (19 hours ago)


Joel passed along your email and asked me to get back to you. Thanks for your email. I don't have any direct knowledge of mosso, but I can tell you from experience that running FogBugz on a shared server is generally a hassle, for the exact reason you mention. You can always look at this list, though to see if they would go for it (for Unix): http://www.fogcreek.com
You can move this to as many different installs as you like, but I'm a little nervous about an "old server," simply because our memory minimums for FogBugz 6 are now 2 Gb. I just don't want you to install it there and have it be painfully slow. We do not license out Wasabi, I'm afraid.

If you only need two licenses, why not take advantage of the Student and Startup Edition? As long as you have two or fewer users, it is completely free with our On Demand system. Just sign up for a trial and then go to Settings -> Your FogBugz On Demand Account to chaneg to the Student and Startup Edition edition.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards,



Dan! Thank you Dan! Not only did he give me a VERY thorough answer to my question. He saved me $400(+ server upgrades), and got his company (not much) in the process. Now I understand that they do this in hopes that I will one day have more than two users at my startup, and I suppose I'll never know, but I was ready to spend that money.


Here's to you fog creek software.

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