How I got Ubuntu Working for me

Ok, I'm just going to go through the steps that I went through to get my ubuntu desktop up and running with the environment that I like::

First: I went through and selected (via synaptic) all the things I needed to make my desktop a viable testing-server for my code:






tons of php5 modules (IMAP, GD, XML, MYSQL, PEAR...)



sudo apt-get install build-essential automake libtools

Those are the easy parts; Now I want TV out on my Radeon 8500+ (autoconfiged to be R200, or 8500 [LE]) Turns out that's a major pain; no suprise, it's probably the third or fourth time I've tried with this video card.

In short, not happening. Maybe an Nvidia card will help. :-/ Won't do anything until I'm sure though.

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