How to use your new iPod or iPhone

My new (second) mom and dad (Maria's Parents) both got iPods for Christmas this year (actually, dad's was won in a raffle months ago, but they just got a computer with a working USB port..)

I thought I'd put this together for reference, beyond the typical, 'setup your iPod, buy from the iTunes store'

Put your CDs into iTunes (then your iPod)

Just because you got an iPod, doesn't mean you have to ditch your current collection of CDs

Here's What you do

Open up iTunes and put one of your favorite CDs into your computer. Chances are high that iTunes will start 'ripping' your CDs automatically, if not, click the cd icon and then click 'import'. The default settings are 'pretty good' for not using a lot of space, and keeping good music quality. You can change these in the iTunes settings, under 'Advanced->Importing'

Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are like on-demand radio broadcasts and shows. You can subscribe to exactly what you want, and major players like NPR give out their content for free.

Here's What you Do

First click on the podcast button in iTunes, then click on 'Podcast Directory' Now you've made your way into the realm of podcasts, you can browse and subscribe to as many as you want. After you've subscribed to a few, right click on your iPod icon and change the settings. You want to go to the podcast tab and choose which ones you want on your iPod, typically the newest ones.

Buy Books from Audible

You can get a subscription to audible to listen to audio books, or buy one book at a time at a typical rate.

Here's What you do

Buy a book or subscription from them, and there are detailed instructions on how to get them on your iPod or iPhone.

What other tips do you have for using a new iPod to it's fullest? Put them in the comments

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