Image Processing with free tools.

I'm not a signals guy, so digital image processing isn't something I normally do. I'm just going to make some notes. Free Image processors (Looking at you GD tools) Don't take good care of PNGs.

Exhibit A: Uploaded via FTP

Beautiful. Thank you Kasey. What a nice avatar to post to places like Twitter and Disqus.

But Wait! Exhibit B:

What happens!? When you run it through GD tools to do a simple shrink, the filesize gets bigger, the colors are distorted, and it adds all that black shit to the background. (as you can see on my twitter and disqus avatars as well). This was run through a script that fits the image to the width of my content window (a la Servee)

If I'm missing something, please let me know.

Anybody else had these problems?

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