Running Your Website Should Be Easier

I recently posted about how setting up and managing a web-site doesn't have to feel like you're buying a used car from a traveling salesman. There is another way.

It's the 21st century, and managing your web site does not have to be a task for the super-geek elite.

You can do this, and you can maintain good design and practical, powerful, easy to use tools.

On the web separating design, functionality, and content has emerged as an important idea. This makes all parties in the chain much happier. Content creators and site managers no longer have to worry about 'what if this makes my site look bad?'. Designers don't have to worry about 'how do I get the navigation to drop down horizontally?'. Developers don't have to worry about 'How in the world do I get these margins to fit?'. Separating these ideas makes the process of running your website painless for all parties, and the bottom line of that is cost-reduction.

Like I've said before, we call it Servee. Servee gives you powerful tools like a calendar, podcast, and a blog (and many more). They are easy to use, and work with whatever design that your artist can come up with. Servee means that you don't need to pay for custom solutions for every problem. They mean that there are standards and you don't have to worry that somebody is taking you for a ride.

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Issac Kelly