The Internet is not a used-car lot

Gutenberg invented the printing press 6 centuries ago. By today's standards, using a printing press is a very grueling process. The problem is that business on the internet grew up around the same processes that were used to print the King James Bible in 1611.


When you set up your website, from my experience, chances are that you:

1) Found somebody you knew who makes websites, or knows how to use dreamweaver.

2) Went to craigslist.

3) Hired an ad agency or a or a designer to make you a website.

What happens next? You go back and forth on how it gets set up, and what you want it to say. No matter how much time they spend with your business, they don't know it like you do, they don't know what strikes your customers, or how to reach your audience like you do.

When your site is finally online, you get mediocre tools, at best, to manage your site. When you want updates, you are back to some archaic process, like this was 1987 and you were writing a newspaper column.

1) Call/E-mail your web guru.

2) Wait;

3) Read it, they missed two main points, Call/E-mail your web guru.

4) Back online in the correct form.

5) Wait three days -- You want something else up -- Go to step one.


That's the problem, there in the "wait". This is the internet, and we have tools to do this so you don't have to wait, and so you don't have to rely on your web guru; You don't have to pay their hourly rates, and you don't have to settle for mediocre.


Like I said, the internet, as far as business is concerned, grew up around the advertising and the PR industry.

I grew up around the internet, and there is a better way than the used car, nickel-and-dime model of website creation and I'll be addressing that later this week in another post.

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