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Today on Twitter I had an exchange with a guy who I have yet to meet in real life (but we're at least from the same town, thanks @genuinechris. His name as far as I know is just ikeif. He was a bit annoyed at all of the twitter apps that have yet to inevitably pop up (tweet these shoelaces or some-such). It did get me thinking however, and the idea was developed, in about 4 exchanges between he and I.

Here it is (ikeif...I developed it further in my own head). You're driving down the road, or otherwise somewhere where you aren't listening to your iPod. You hear a song, and like it, but you don't know what it is. OH. NO. You don't even have friends that you can ask, because you're too embarrassed to tell them that you listen to the actual radio.

What do you do? you tweet the call letters of the station, to, I don't know, say '@radioindex' if it finds it, and if the station is good enough, radioindex will pull their playlist and cross-reference it with the time you tweeted (twat??) and it will tell you what the song was. Not only that, but it will put, in your twitter profile, a link to the radio station's stream. That way, instead of telling your friends about your embarassing radio habit, you tell them about this great new song you discovered.

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