What does my app need to be successful...

Yesterday, on one of my favorite news sites, hacker news; Someone asked "What does my twitter app need to be successful in 8 days". It was in reference to a twitter mashup made for the two teams playing in the Super Bowl next weekend. You can see it here.
The responses were mostly negative, 'get a less obnixous design', 'solve a problem people have', 'cleveland isn't even in the superbowl'<--which you have to look pretty closely to even notice why this is criticism.

All of the criticism was unfounded. What exists is a niche app with a limited lifespan. Spending money on a professional designer or photography you didn't take yourself seems exorbitent.

Lots of apps 'don't solve a problem people have'. Many of the iPhone app store apps don't solve any real problems, honestly, who needs an application to make fart noises?

So, if you're into football and social media, see what other people are saying about Arizona and Pittsburgh for the next week or so. If not, don't worry about it.

When it comes down to it, what an application needs to be successful isn't design, or solving problems, it's usually just getting in front of people. Lots of beautiful utilitarian tools get underutilized, and lots of ugly useless crap gets lots of attention, money, and users; the difference is people.

What's your favorite ugly or uselsess app? Mine is minesweeper.

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