Task And Time Management

I'm tinkering with how to manage my tasks and my time.

I'd sort of like a system where I can name all of my tasks, and then sort out into a couple of different columns, really, a cross between rescue time, gmail, and tweetdeck, if that makes any sense.

Things that I'd like to be able to do:

  • Name a Project, and list the 'next task' as well as a list of all tasks associated with the project.
  • For any given task, I'd like to be able to have tags like 'location' 'waiting on' 'time estimate' 'due', typical stuff.
  • I'd like a timer, one that counts up when I hit start, and when I hit stop, I assign the time to task(s).

How do you manage your time and tasks? A fair amount of this functionality is included with fogbugz, but the interface for it is clunky, as it's really only made to be a bug tracker and software planner, not a general task/time manager.

What would help you to do this? What sorts of input/output mechanisims would it need? Reports, etc?

I'd like to make this happen, and I'm willing to do it open-source if I get some help.

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Issac Kelly