In School Broadband and Ohio HB-4

I have found that I have a strong passion for education. To some of my closest friends that may come as a surprise, because I dropped out of high school and college, expressing a large amount of disdain along the way. I've found that largely my disdain came from school and classroom bureaucracy that gets in the way of learning.

Students need broadband. I firmly believe this. Depriving them of that is crazy. Students don't need facebook or flash games. They need TED talks and Wikipedia.

Please Support HB-4. Send the Education Committee your thoughts.


I am in strong support of the distance learning project HB 4

I left my High School because there were not enough opportunities. I then left College, and pursued much my learning through online sources, and have now started a Columbus Ohio Small Business in the Technology field. This worked in my situation but I have also seen many advanced and remedial students not given the opportunities that they need. Advanced access to broadband could help that significantly. Since High School, the majority of my learning has been online.

The statistic quoted to me was that 28% of ohio high schools have 1.5Mbs of Bandwidth or less. That is ridiculous. In my home I have 7Mbs of bandwidth for just me. I'm sure in your home, you have 768kbs (.7Mbs) AT LEAST.

These days, not giving students (fast) access to the internet is like not giving them textbooks.

Support HB 4.

Issac Kelly

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