Things to Love about Geektime

The idea behind geektime is to fit the seconds in the day into 4 bytes (65536 geekseconds in a day, instead of 86400 old seconds).

This, initially seems like the musings of a sleep deprived geek, and, it possibly is. The stroke of genius in geektime is that it implies a timezone (UTC).

Days are just marked as an ascending date from Jan 1 (in UTC).

Djangodash is this weekend. It started at 0x0E0 0x3580 and it will end on 0x0E2 0x3580.

There is no longer confusion, or the possibility to skip over the quantifier (UTC -6...actually UTC -5 because it's daylight savings time in Central Time... Who started late?) because it's all implied.

I've also found that it's a genius way to coordinate across timezones (airlines should pick it up.. or rather, I'd love a chrome extension to fix the times on "I'll be back online in the morning" becomes "I'll be back online at 0x09" You lose all ambiguity.

I encourage you to try out geektime for a week if you ever deal with anything in a different timezone.

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