PyCon Starcraft II Recap

Saturday night we had the first PyCon Starcraft II Tournament. This was a joint effort between myself and Daniel Lindsley, with the help of Christian Metts, the PyCon organizers (Doug Napoleone in particular) and lots of open source software.

16 competitors from unranked through platinum competed for next-to-nothing in prizes.

We ended up writing a bit of custom software to assist. We also started on Tuesday, so it was rougher than I would have liked. It's all up on


I promised some players that the first matches would be geared to be even. This means that you were probably likely to play your best competitor first. This is a stupid-ass way to run a competitive tournament, but really fun to play in-person matches with people you don't know. I believe that this setup was the inspiration for

We also had a 'second try' bracket for those who lost in the first round. It quickly devolved because of the number of machines we had available to play.

Next time the brackets will be thought out.

Favorite Match

The favorite match will get a prize, so please cast a vote.

Please download and watch replays, and vote on a favorite game by reaching out to me on twitter or email Any suggestions I'll put up here.

All Replays


The finals were commentated by Tony Hauber and Eddie -

Finals: [skip to 2:00 for introductions, or 7:30 for the game]

Highlight to see the Spoilers Below.

Kevin Wood of Guidebook ended up winning the tournament in two games against PyPy, CPython and Django core developer Alex Gaynor. Alex was seeded almost last, it was a pretty wild set of games and I suggest you watch the replays if you're into that sort of thing.

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