Workspace rules

I am not a tidy person. Much like choosing components I cope with this by having rules. If you don't have rules you don't know when you're breaking them. Rules aren't mandates, they're a thing to measure against.

We have a one car garage that is an office, workshop (recently: cabinetry, concrete, casting, electronics), storage area (mostly camping and sporting equipment, couple of bikes) and gym (dumbbells, pull up bar, and a heavy bag). It's about 250 sqft for all that. It was also a makeshift co-working space for a half dozen people once a week for a few months, and can be converted in about 20 minutes between any of these activities if the place is in good shape.

  • If it doesn't have a place to be put away, it doesn't belong.
  • Clean before you start the project
  • Clean when you're stuck on something
  • Clean when you step on something
  • Clean before you plug in or turn on power tools (including soldering tools)
  • Unplug power tools when you're done.

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Issac Kelly