Backing up Gitlab from my docker instance to S3

Following these instructions:

The caveats here are : I’m running the gitlab-omnibus-ce in docker
It mounts all of it’s data (etc and var) at /virt/gitlab

# Make the backup
docker exec -t gitlab gitlab-backup create BACKUP=gitlab-full-backup

# Put the backup somewhere good
s3cmd put /virt/gitlab/var/opt/gitlab/backups/gitlab-full-backup_gitlab_backup.tar s3://

# Copy gitlab.rb and gitlab-secrets.json
s3cmd put /virt/gitlab/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb s3://
s3cmd put /virt/gitlab/etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json s3://

I saved all of that to a file called “” which I run daily on a cron job.

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