Cabin Fever Student Letters

Hi! I’m Issac. I try hard to learn new things but I’ve always been kind of a non-traditional student. I dropped out of high school and then dropped out of college.

Getting kicked out of school for two months and being told to learn by myself on the internet would have been a dream for me.

I know that schools are closing and that other in-person events like Black Girls Code are being canceled and delayed and I want to help out.

I also am dealing with my own cabin fever from a surprise work-from-home situation and my whole family being slightly under the weather.

If you’re a kid or a parent (middle school to undergrad) and you fall in this category but don’t really know where to start I have an idea…

Write me a letter! – I’ll publish a few letters and my responses.

I can also probably open up a few short video chats next week, but start by writing me a letter and telling me what you’re interested in learning.

Things that I am particularly interested in helping with:

  • Math
  • Software and Technology topics in general
  • Engineering (Electronics, Robots, Mechanics)
  • Middle School to High School Science (to be honest my chemistry is a bit weak)
  • DIY projects
  • Small Businesses and Startups

Comments and Messages

I won't ever give out your email address. I don't publish comments but if you'd like to write to me then you could use this form.

Issac Kelly