Toddler Stool Upgrade

This isn't going to win any design awards but today's axe sharpening project was a stool upgrade.

The prior iteration was a little clever but also it took up a lot of room in our small bathroom, left the storage in the bottom drawer inaccessible (bye bye emergency TP roll) and it was very unstable.

This iteration solves all three of those problems.

I reverse engineered all the holes and nubs in the ikea drawer and made a new box out of 3/4 and 1/2 plywood scraps that fit the same face and slides.

The stair is built into the drawer

I put gravity locks with string releases in.

The TP stash is more accessible from the throne than ever.

And the last feature is that the main part of the platform has a false bottom so most of the storage is retained.

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