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Startup Lessons: Find your audience


My Twitter Notebook is Open Source

My Twitter Notebook is now open source. I'd like to see what other people would do with it, given the opportunity.

It's hosted at github and the url is

My Twitter Notebook: The Story.

I'd like to start off by saying: I'm not an organized person. I get by pretty well with lists, but overall I don't plan things more than a week in advance, and I don't do a good job remembering things for more than a few days at a time. I decided that I ...


Task And Time Management

I'm tinkering with how to manage my tasks and my time.

I'd sort of like a system where I can name all of my tasks, and then sort out into a couple of different columns, really, a cross between rescue time, gmail, and tweetdeck, if that makes any sense.

Things that I'd like to be able to do:

  • Name a Project, and list the 'next task' as well as a list of all tasks associated with the project.
  • For any given task, I'd like to be able to have tags like 'location' 'waiting on' 'time ...


Issac Kelly