How to use your new iPod or iPhone

My new (second) mom and dad (Maria's Parents) both got iPods for Christmas this year (actually, dad's was won in a raffle months ago, but they just got a computer with a working USB port..)

I thought I'd put this together for reference, beyond the typical, 'setup your iPod, buy from the iTunes store'

Put your CDs into iTunes (then your iPod)

Just because you got an iPod, doesn't mean you have to ditch your current collection of CDs

Here's What you do

Open up iTunes and put one of your favorite CDs into your ...


Hands on with Small Basic

I started playing with small basic last night.

Turns out, it's a very good introduction to programming (I started with JavaScript, then C++, and this is much more simple/powerful in the early stages)
It's very similar in syntax to ASP or VB.

Since it's a variant of Basic, it has some things that I'm not a fan of (goto), but really, I won't hold that against it, goto makes sense in english, so it makes sense for a beginning language.

I took a few minutes and downloaded small basic, .Net 3.5 and the ...


In Defense of jQuery

Not that it doesn't stand up on its own right, but I have to throw my $0.02 in.

I came across this article on 'why mootools and not jquery' from Julio Capote in my feed this morning.

I'm going to do a point by point here.

  1. Classes: "Eventually you'll want real classes to structure your UI logic". While This is what you want, the better I get at jQuery the more I use chaining. I also lean toward functional programming and not OO programming, so...yeah. I'm just saying that this isn't necessarily a ...


Sample Agreement Generator

Here is another post about some little tool I've made..

This one will take a set of checkboxes and radio buttons (anywhere on a page, doesn't have to be in a table or anything) and turn it into a block of text.

Caveat: you can't have any other checkboxes or radio buttons on the page with this snippet, it will behave poorly.

Check out the source below to see how it works. 21 Lines long, the value="" can be as long as you want. Post a comment if you have any questions.

This could ...


Issac Kelly