PyCon Starcraft II Recap

Saturday night we had the first PyCon Starcraft II Tournament. This was a joint effort between myself and Daniel Lindsley, with the help of Christian Metts, the PyCon organizers (Doug Napoleone in particular) and lots of open source software.

16 competitors from unranked through platinum competed for next-to-nothing in prizes.

We ended up writing a bit of custom software to assist. We also started on Tuesday, so it was rougher than I would have liked. It's all up on


I promised some players that the first matches would be geared to be even. This ...


On Django Migrations: South vs Nashvegas

If you're writing your models with Django and not using migrations, that's crazy.

South and Nashvegas are two options for managing your migrations (really the only two I've ever heard of in practice). I use both, almost daily.

Nashvegas, is far and away the newer and lesser used. It doesn't do backwards migrations at all, and migrations are DB specific (although, much SQL is close enough that you can still use many migrations on other databases). That being said, it does one thing really well that south doesn't touch: your whole project.

South is ...


Things to Love about Geektime

The idea behind geektime is to fit the seconds in the day into 4 bytes (65536 geekseconds in a day, instead of 86400 old seconds).

This, initially seems like the musings of a sleep deprived geek, and, it possibly is. The stroke of genius in geektime is that it implies a timezone (UTC).

Days are just marked as an ascending date from Jan 1 (in UTC).

Djangodash is this weekend. It started at 0x0E0 0x3580 and it will end on 0x0E2 0x3580.

There is no longer confusion, or the possibility to skip over the quantifier (UTC -6...actually UTC -5 ...


State of Affairs

I've been writing at lately, (ok, once) and this has been largely abandoned.

We're working on some very cool things:

A new version of our killer software Servee on top of the excellent platform Django.

Some excellent volunteer management tools (albeit a bit under wraps for now)

and ShotBlox [blogs for photographers]

Too busy to write here. It's probably going to turn back into a personal site, as I've quit doing individual consulting and contracting in favor of working through KCT.


Issac Kelly