In School Broadband and Ohio HB-4

I have found that I have a strong passion for education. To some of my closest friends that may come as a surprise, because I dropped out of high school and college, expressing a large amount of disdain along the way. I've found that largely my disdain came from school and classroom bureaucracy that gets in the way of learning.

Students need broadband. I firmly believe this. Depriving them of that is crazy. Students don't need facebook or flash games. They need TED talks and Wikipedia.

Please Support HB-4. Send the ...


Please upgrade your Internet Explorer

Please, Please, Please Quit using Versions of Internet Explorer Less than IE 7.

Please send this to all of your friends and relatives, and even the people who you don't like.

Internet Explorer 6 came out in August of 2001. By most business standards, this might not seem like a long time, but by my Industry Standards, that's like driving a car from the 1980's. With IE6, it's not just any old car, it is The Pinto, without the safety kit.

Now, IE 8 has just launched, so if you're using IE 6 ...


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