How I got Ubuntu Working for me

Ok, I'm just going to go through the steps that I went through to get my ubuntu desktop up and running with the environment that I like::

First: I went through and selected (via synaptic) all the things I needed to make my desktop a viable testing-server for my code:






tons of php5 modules (IMAP, GD, XML, MYSQL, PEAR...)



sudo apt-get install build-essential automake libtools

Those are the easy parts; Now I want TV out on my Radeon 8500+ (autoconfiged to be R200, or 8500 [LE]) Turns out that's a major ...


Dan! Fog Creek Software!

Customer Service success story:

I'm running a startup with one other guy.

Currently I'm making most of the day-to-day decisions of how it's going to be run, Version Control, Bug Tracking, Documentation Styles, Accounting, Sales Directions, Contact Management, Etc.

Recently I've been working on bug tracking and project management, and I tried a number of different apps. Which I won't go into; This is about a great customer-service experience I had with Fog Creek Software.


Joel Spolsky to me
Mar 1 (3 days ago)

Hi! Thank you again for trying FogBugz On Demand ...


Switching Text Editors - The Beginning

Ok, so I've heard recently that switching editors is like learning a new programming language. Not that THAT's hard, but it's time consuming. So, I'm switching from free ForgEdit to not free Textmate. They're giving me 30 days to decide if I want it, and I'll write one post a week about this for march.

Edit 4/23: So I didn't write one a week about this. turns out it was completely uneventful. Textmate is great, and the file browser integrated with it that makes it work ...


Testing Podcasting

Link to an mp3link


Issac Kelly