Image Processing with free tools.

I'm not a signals guy, so digital image processing isn't something I normally do. I'm just going to make some notes. Free Image processors (Looking at you GD tools) Don't take good care of PNGs.

Exhibit A: Uploaded via FTP

Beautiful. Thank you Kasey. What a nice avatar to post to places like Twitter and Disqus.

But Wait! Exhibit B:

What happens!? When you run it through GD tools to do a simple shrink, the filesize gets bigger, the colors are distorted, and it adds all that black shit to the background ...


The Internet is not a used-car lot

Gutenberg invented the printing press 6 centuries ago. By today's standards, using a printing press is a very grueling process. The problem is that business on the internet grew up around the same processes that were used to print the King James Bible in 1611.


When you set up your website, from my experience, chances are that you:

1) Found somebody you knew who makes websites, or knows how to use dreamweaver.

2) Went to craigslist.

3) Hired an ad agency or a or a designer to make you a website.

What happens next? You go back ...


Why comments should be normalized

1) I only comment on things that you have to register for on VERY rare occasion.

2) If I have to register, and I comment, I won't come back (unless you are Lifehacker, chances are, you aren't)

3)If you use disqus, I get an e-mail that says I got replied to. That is crucial to me coming back to your site.

4) Easier to spot/find trolls.

Do all of us a favor, and use Disqus or something similar, it's easy to integrate,
and it will help out your return rate on the chance that ...


How I got Ubuntu Working for me

Ok, I'm just going to go through the steps that I went through to get my ubuntu desktop up and running with the environment that I like::

First: I went through and selected (via synaptic) all the things I needed to make my desktop a viable testing-server for my code:






tons of php5 modules (IMAP, GD, XML, MYSQL, PEAR...)



sudo apt-get install build-essential automake libtools

Those are the easy parts; Now I want TV out on my Radeon 8500+ (autoconfiged to be R200, or 8500 [LE]) Turns out that's a major ...


Issac Kelly