Personal physical storage

So I've collected a bunch of "stuff". Probably too much, but I have some ways to keep it organized that means I can have a very sizeable inventory of tools and materials that is still manageable, findable and clean.

The Good:

Sort and label everything. I use a USB labeler so I can have a real keyboard. I hooked it up to a little bot so I can make labels from my phone. I try to get things into the smallest unit possible (Micro USB cables not "USB") when I actually take the time to sort through bins, which is when I'm frustrated ...


Toddler Stool Upgrade

This isn't going to win any design awards but today's axe sharpening project was a stool upgrade.

The prior iteration was a little clever but also it took up a lot of room in our small bathroom, left the storage in the bottom drawer inaccessible (bye bye emergency TP roll) and it was very unstable.

This iteration solves all three of those problems.

I reverse engineered all the holes and nubs in the ikea drawer and made a new box out of 3/4 and 1/2 plywood scraps that fit the same face and slides.

The stair ...


Sharpening My Axe

I am finding it incredibly disheartening to be an American in America right now.

In whole, our response to the pandemic betrays how quickly the selfishness of our collective independence and unnecessary individualism breaks down. Instead of look that in the eye, the country is doubling down.

Police violence has once again come to a head. Governments around the country find it fit to activate in mass to strongarm protesters.

So that's going on. Has been since February. Has been forever.

The only thing I've been able to focus on to some satisfying ends is small projects that improve ...


Paper Prototypes 1

"Paper prototypes" is a term I first heard with regards to building user interfaces.

Draw the buttons and areas out on a stack of cardboard and talk someone through the interface and see if it makes sense, if it does, maybe spend some time with a code editor or image manipulation program or whatever is next.

The heart of it is kind of close to "Do the right amount of work to figure out if your idea is any good".

I think that this is a _really good_ idea. I try to do it more, and with physical things.

For ...


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